Balancing Act

What Scholz and Pistorius’ rhetoric tells us about the future of the Zeitenwende Much has changed in Germany over the past year as Berlin has embarked on a journey to …

Worth the Wait?

The development and potential impact of Germany’s forthcoming national security strategy It’s almost here. After missing the promised delivery target of December 2022 and the backup deadline of the 2023 …

Making Sense of Berlin’s Extraordinary Election

A glorious winner, many losers, and the politics of coalition building On November 16, 2022, the Constitutional Court of the city-state Berlin judged that the 2021 state-level parliamentary election had …

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Local Governance of Religious Diversity in Hamburg and Washington, DC

A Transatlantic Perspective Germany is an increasingly heterogeneous society. This has become obvious by the Bundestag elections in September 2021. For the first time in the history of the Federal …

Comparing Racisms in Post-Migrant Societies

Similarities and Differences in Approaching Racism in Germany and the United States Rising Relevance of Racism in Germany A series of racist murders has brought the issue of racism into …

Learning from the Pandemic

Transatlantic Solutions to Global Crises The AICGS project “Transatlantic Cooperation in Times of Global Crises – Opportunity and Imperative for Cooperation” took an expanded look at how Germany and the …